2015 National Image Competition (PPOC)

The results are in and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve had my very first image accepted into the National Image Salon by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)

This was incredibly daunting to me… I’ve never entered in a competition as prestigious as this one. In fact, other than the odd calendar, I’ve never even entered into a professional image competition. So what does this mean?

To be able to submit to this competition, you must be an ACCREDITED member of the PPOC. I achieved two accreditations this year, in Boudoir Photography and Feline Photography. So I was finally able to submit to this competition. Submitted images (almost 900 this year) are judged, and those deemed worthy of inclusion in the final salon, are accepted. Images can also be awarded “Merit” or “Excellence”. While I didn’t achieve these levels, I am incredibly proud to have been accepted and by watching the image judging, I have learned about what I need to do to bring myself up a level for the next competition.

All images accepted into the salon will be included in a hardcover, printed book showcasing these best-of-the-best images. Once this book becomes available for purchase, I’ll provide a link…

Here is the image of mine that was accepted into the 2015 image salon. Thank you to ALL the participants involved in helping me create this dream image. See more about the creation of this image here: http://pearlangelini.com/wordpress?p=7273

Without further adieu…. “BELISSIMA”!

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