28 Days with Sue – Photo Challenge Day 1


I hope that you are interested in following my 28-day photo challenge with Sue Bryce! Sue Bryce (www.suebryce.com) is an amazing photographer from New Zealand, whose work I admire very much! She is providing this course, with 28 individual challenges, crossing every aspect of one’s portrait photography business. I’m so excited to (almost) work alongside her for the next month, learning about her techniques, and her experience in the business! Follow along, feel free to leave comments about the daily challenges, and then… when it’s all done… choose your favorite(s) and set up a photo session of your own!

Day 1: The Natural Light Studio

The first challenge is to work in the studio with only natural light. While this is not “new” to me… Sue has a distinct style of how she uses natural light, and she can set up a studio in a 10×10 room and get an amazing variety of portraits. So, her challenge to us was to do the same.

Here are the two areas that I used for the setup today:


As you can see, I only have 2 medium sized windows in my studio, so I had some tight confines to work in to use only this light. And the blue corner that I used is far from the windows, on the other side of the room.

See the results here, with my wonderful model Romey… We used the blue corner for the first shot, and the area directly in front of and beside the windows for the last 3.

I’d say this first challenge was a success, wouldn’t you? Gorgeous!

Looking forward to tomorrow! :)

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