Family Portraits: From Australia to Winnipeg ~ The Paterson’s

Since my schedule just wouldn’t allow for me to travel to Australia to photograph this beautiful family… I had to get them to come to me! LOL… well, okay – they were here for a month long visit!

Having been friends with this family for years now, they promised the next time they were in Canada that we would do portraits. And I am so very happy they called!

It was great to be able to go back to the same location at Assiniboine Park where they had their wedding photos taken, and also to get to spend a bit of time with the whole family, and ALL the kids!! We had a lot of fun, thanks so much for taking the time to visit while you were here!

Now that you’re back home safe in Australia… enjoying the weather…. (it was great for the kids to experience a Winnipeg winter!!)… let me just say Thanks, and best wishes to you with your newest addition… on the way! :-)

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