Getting sick in Paradise SUCKS…

Everyone dreams of the perfect vacation… Sunshine… Beaches… Tropical cocktails…. We work hard all year long so we can enjoy some relaxation time and let all of our worries float away into the sea. This was me, for sure, and let me tell you, getting sick while you’re in Paradise really SUCKS.

I’ve been sick with the chikungunya virus for 5 days now, maybe longer but my symptoms really showed up the day before Christmas eve. Painful joints, fever, exhaustion, insomnia… just to name a few. I tried to avoid it. Keep on going. Keep on walking, living the vacation life, trying not to let this get me down. But by Christmas Eve, it was clear that I was going to have to let it happen. Let myself get sick. Ugh.

So the fever came, 104 degrees at least. We didn’t have a thermometer but it was the worst fever I had ever experienced. Made the 30 degree weather outside seem frigid. Wishing I was anywhere but inside my body was the only dreaming I was doing. Everyone we talked to had their own advice. Lots of rest; get up and move. Drink water, drink orange juice, get your vitamin C. Get some papaya leaves and juice the leaves (?) That was the one remedy that kept coming up. Well at this point I would try ANYTHING. (PS. it was the most VILE drink I’ve ever taken). Panadol (acetaminophen) for the pain, ice baths for the fever… there was no relief in sight. I don’t even know what the weather was like on Christmas Day. It was so hot, so cold, everything all at once.

Then, late on Christmas Day, the fever broke. Relief. I had never been so happy. With enough energy to muster up a quick recipe of curry goat for Christmas dinner, we ate, and with a full belly slept right through to Boxing Day.

Moving around got easier, but energy was surely lacking and all I wished for was the Christmas celebrations to return so I could finally take part and enjoy! Hey everyone! I’m here!!! Walking around town, chatting with locals, they all know this virus and they say… it’s not over. You may have pains for weeks yet, even months. The virus will make any other sickness you have 10 times worse. (GREAT!)

Cue… bronchitis. Probably had a little cold. That little cough I’d been carrying for the past few days, you know, the little cough, clearing of your throat… well, in a matter of a few hours, it turned into a raging fire in my throat, fueled by chikungunya, filling my lungs with a lovely green gunk and taking my voice to… well… who knows where???

So now I sit in a doctor’s office, finally open after the holidays, waiting to see if there’s anything he can do. Waiting to find out if my medical coverage covers any of this. Waiting to find out if I can return to the vacation I left waiting somewhere before Christmas. But in the end, as much as being sick in Paradise SUCKS… I have to remember to be thankful. Thankful that I can access medical care. Thankful that I have people around me that care are taking the time to see that I’m feeling better. Thankful that it’s only a virus and it will pass. Thankful that it’s not a worse disease, that cannot be treated. Thankful that no matter what, Paradise will wait for me and take me back with open arms when I am better.

Getting sick in Paradise does SUCK. But not as much as not being able to be in Paradise at all.

Blessings to you all!

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  1. Thanks for this. Love your writing and so glad you’re feeling better!

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