Lucky 2013!

The end of 2012 is upon us, and this always makes us stop and take stock of what we did in the past year and what we would like to do in the next. My list is long, as I’m sure everyone’s is, but I think it is true for all of us that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for what we’ve already done! Keep that in mind as you plan for the new year ahead, and use what you’ve already learned or what you already have… to GROW.  That is a sure way to make the coming year a great success!

2012 was a year of awesome for me.  Here’s just a few of the highlights:

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Pearl AngeliniI renamed and rebranded my business, as Pearl Angelini Photography. This was an excellent move and I’m so happy that we made this change! This change was followed by my decision to operate the business full-time. Making the decision to leave the day-job was a big one. But I feel now as if I’ll never look back. 2012 was an amazing year, shooting weddings and portraits and this energy will carry me into 2013 with a bang! I’m looking forward to continued growth, learning and making new memories for everyone I meet! Watch for us at the Wedding Show in January 2013, and be prepared for many exciting announcements as the year progresses. Our planning has begun and I can’t wait to share!


On the personal side of things…Italy by Pearl Angelini Photography

My husband Frank and I began learning a new language – we took Italian classes, and are continuing our learning with the Rosetta Stone! It is such a beautiful language. We are looking so forward to planning another trip to Italy, we hope for 2014. I look through my photos of my first visit to Italy often, and I can’t wait to do that again! It’s amore!

Winnipeg Portrait photography by Pearl Angelini


Frank’s son Nico, graduated from high school. Even though he has been an important part of my life for 11 years already, I can’t believe that the time has come for him to “become an adult”. I now understand how so many parents still think their children are still “kids” long after they are. Growing up is hard to do, but watching them grow up is even harder. He started college this fall also… time sure goes fast…


The rest of the family is wonderful as well. We had a wonderful summertime visit with both my Dad, who lives in Victoria and Frank’s Mom, who lives in Montreal. We don’t get to visit very often in either direction, but this year – having them both visit us here in Winnipeg – felt extra special, since I was no longer working the full-time job. I enjoyed every single moment we got to spend together, and I’m already looking forward to our next visits!

Many of my old friendships grew in 2012 and many new ones were made. I’ve been blessed to have been able to spend more time with the people who matter this year and to be able make time to visit with some new ones! It’s so true when they say that every person who crosses your path in life does so for a reason. We don’t need to know the reason, but we just have to cherish the time we get with every person we meet. I’ve made some lovely new friends in couples whose families or weddings I have photographed and I truly hope that this trend will continue! I’m always available for a coffee date… if I haven’t seen you lately, let’s make some time in 2013!

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Pearl Angelini Photography Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Pearl Angelini Photography Winnipeg Wedding Photographer - Pearl Angelini PhotographyWinnipeg Wedding Photographer - Pearl Angelini Photography





Winnipeg Pet Portraits by Pearl Angelini PhotographyWinnipeg Pet Photography by Pearl AngeiniNot everything this year was happy though. Sadly, in late summertime, we also had to say goodbye to one of our best friends, our dog Bronco. 13 years old, the vet felt that it was her heart. We miss her everyday and she’s often in our thoughts. But she plays now in puppy heaven with my P.J. and my Max – and I know that she’s having fun :)

But we did welcome a new friend into our lives to help us fill that void – our “Princess” Chloe. Her youth and personality have certainly brought back the puppy into our lives (and Dante’s), and every day is an adventure with her. She’s snuggling quietly on my lap as I’m writing this blog post, and I couldn’t be happier.

My love for my dogs has brought me close to an organization that is very special to me. In 2012, I became a volunteer photographer for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue. If you have been following me on Facebook, you will see how much joy these pups have brought into my life. Although I know that I cannot personally save each one of them myself, I can certainly do my part to show them off and hopefully display their personalities to help someone fall in love!

There are so many more good things that have happened to me and my family in 2012. My wish for 2013 is only that it is bigger and better than 2012! They say that ’13 is a lucky number… and I can feel it already! Besides, we already survived an apocalypse, right? We can do anything!

What are you looking forward to in 2013? Leave a post here, or get in touch for a coffee date! See you soon!

Happy New Year, best wishes and nothing but love and good luck for you and your families!

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