The questions you’ve been afraid to ask {Winnipeg Boudoir Photography}

Everybody seems to be doing it these days… but what is it, really? All the questions you’ve been afraid to ask….

What is Boudoir?

Winnipeg Boudoir Photography

Boudoir – pronounced “bŏo dwăawr” comes from late 18th century French word and is translated as – a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room. Boudoir can be sexy, romantic, sensual or even naughty. The purpose of boudoir is to help women look and feel their absolute best! Boudoir photography is often done as a personal reward or packaged up in an album as a gift for the special one in your life!

Who should get boudoir photos done?

In my opinion… EVERY woman should do this at least once! Yes, I have done it (on the other side of the camera) and it was amazing!! To see the photos afterwards made it all worthwhile! I think boudoir photos could be done by:

And so on… I think you get the idea! Every woman has her own reasons. Every woman deserves it!

Bodyscapes by Winnipeg Boudoir Photographer Pearl Angelini

Where do we do boudoir photos?

The sky is the limit! We can do your photos in our private studio, in your home, in a hotel, or even in the great outdoors! We will meet you prior to your session to discuss where you would be most comfortable. Have a great idea? Let’s discuss!

Do I have to get… NAKED?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is far more beauty in the suggestion rather than baring it all. Having a few really beautiful pieces to wear will make you comfortable and you will want to show those off! Beautiful lingerie can also help us cover some of those parts that we’re not so proud of! Of course, if you are looking to do nudes, we do offer specific “Bodyscapes” sessions that we can discuss with you in your pre-session consultation!

But, I really don’t feel sexy in my body

Every woman thinks that she needs to “just lose a few more pounds” before doing boudoir photos. Let me tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are! EVERY woman is beautiful, and I want to help you to see it. A few tips for “getting your sexy on” before your session:

When you arrive for your session, we will start slow. I will work with you to show you poses and angles that are flattering to everyone. Getting your pictures back after the session will show you just how beautiful you are!

What if I don’t have any pretty things to wear

My answer to that is… bring what you have. We can’t all afford to spring for new outfits. It’s easy to dress up plain whites or blacks with jewelry and props. I have a studio full of things that we can add to what you bring to dress it up!

Winnipeg boudoir photography

Will my images be posted on the web?

Only with your permission. You will always have the opportunity to review your photos, and let me know if you are proud to show them off or whether you would rather keep them private. We understand and respect your privacy.

What else do you want to know? Post your questions here (Annonymously, if you like) and I’ll do my best to answer every one!

How do I book a session?

So now, you’ve thought about it a little and want to give it a try… we’re holding a “marathon” from January 24th – 26th, 2013. You can try out a full session for a discounted price, or just a mini to see what we can do! We’re booking now and have a few spots available. Contact Pearl to book! Hope to see you there!

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Thanks so much for your support!

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